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About Cobber's Pet Pantry

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Cobber’s Pet Pantry is named after my beloved, spotted-mutt-pup, Cobber. Since adopting her as a tiny puppy, she has inspired my exploration in how to be the best fur mommy I could be. I became passionate about the plight of homeless animals, and soon we were rescuing many species of creatures. Many animals came to us in very poor condition or with chronic issues their owners did not have the resources to manage. These animals were great teachers of the saying “Food is medicine”. I became an avid researcher and believer of species-appropriate, minimally-processed food after witnessing the transformation in these beautiful beings. My mission to help as many pets as possible through proper nutrition and supplements in a fun atmosphere became Cobber’s Pet Pantry mission.

We believe in working with nature to achieve optimal health. The closer we can approximate our pet’s natural, ancestral diet, the more resilient they become to external stressors .Did you know that the most popular commercial pet foods are highly processed, grain-based diets filled with by-products, fillers, artificial colors and flavor, sugar, and contain 60-80% carbohydrates. The ancestral diet for these carnivores contains 60-80 % meat, with fruits, a few veggies, and pre-digested seeds and grasses. Our beloved pets are suffering from increased rates of allergies, diabetes, cancer and various skin conditions. Diet, genetics, environmental toxins, and lifestyle all play a role. Food can help or harm, and we love helping pet parents make large or small changes for maximum benefit!


Cobber’s is dedicated to our community and our environment. We support our local pets and pet families with donated food and supplies. We collect for specific pets in need when someone in our community needs a little extra help. We offer a 10%, one-time discount with proof of adoption of a rescue pet. Pasado’s Safe Haven comes here frequently to provide low-cost spays and neuters. You’ll never see shiny new Cobber’s shopping bags. Used grocery bags work for us, guilt free!

Cobber’s Pet Pantry is your store! Need a special order? No problem! Tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll try to find it. Bring your pup in for a free treat any time! Always free self-serve coffee for pet parents. In a hurry? Call your order in and we’ll run it out to your car! We are always happy to help any way we can.

We appreciate your business, thank you for shopping at Cobber’s!