Cobber’s Pet Pantry in Enumclaw, WA is Proud to Carry These Brands:

Animal Essentials:

“Ingredients matter. Human-grade, sustainably sourced, tested for purity, selected specifically for your pet.”


“HomeoPet LLC is a family-owned business with its origins rooted deep in the wilds of the South West of Ireland… Well, maybe not the wilds, but our co-founder – Tom Farrington MRCVS., MVB., VetMFHom – has been practicing veterinary medicine in Ireland for over 35 years and it is through his veterinary practice now based in West Cork that his passion for homeopathy and natural pet care developed into a full-time holistic practice. From here Tom successfully treats both pets and people, not to mention horses and farm animals, developing further the seeds of HomeoPet that were sewn originally in his former practice based in Dublin.”


PetNaturals Mission: “Pet Naturals® of Vermont has one simple mission. We are driven by the need to improve the lives of companion animals through alternatives to drug or chemical therapies. Pet Naturals® specializes in producing condition specific, complete and properly balanced formulas. We are committed to combining powerful ingredients into the form of a tasty reward that can help your pets live healthier lives.”

Pet Releaf:

“Pet Releaf’s mission is to change what healthy means for pets. By providing the highest quality CBD oil for pets we are doing just that.”

Holistic Hound:
“Holistic Hound’s Berkeley store was one of the first retailers in the Bay Area to begin selling phytocannabinoid-rich (PCR) products four years ago, and customer feedback was phenomenal. Owner Heidi Hill, a trained homeopath, had always wanted to have a health and wellness product of her own to complement the store and decided to formulate unique PCR hemp oil products combined with beneficial mushrooms. After much research and collaboration, the Holistic Hound line of PCR hemp oil supplements debuted in 2015 to much acclaim.”


“Wondercide develops super safe & curiously effective natural products for people, pets & property, from DEET-free insect repellent & soothing Skin Tonic to natural flea spray, soaps & shampoos, to natural home pest control and more. Our products offer all of the benefits you expect from your favorite products without any of the risks that come with many mainstream brands. We’re committed to your family’s health & well-being, and that’s reflected in everything we do here at Wondercide.”


“Our amazing Flora4 Ground Sprouted Seeds Food Topper simplifies the chore of learning how to supplement effectively to add the live probiotics, plant enzymes, phytonutrients and whole food vitamins & minerals that are lacking in an all-meat diet. Flora4 contains only 100% raw organic sprouted seeds (a blend of barley seed, flaxseed, and lentils), ground into a fine powder and packaged in daily servings.”

Canine Matrix:

“A healthy pet is a happy pet. We offer a range of certified organic functional mushroom powders that you can mix into your pet’s food to support your four-legged friend’s daily health needs.”


“Glandex® helps to support healthy anal gland function in pets and was created by veterinarians specifically for this problem.  Glandex® patented formula is the only product that targets all of the underlying causes of anal gland problems. Made in the USA with all-natural ingredients including Pumpkin Seed, Probiotics, Omega Fatty Acids, Digestive Enzymes, & More!”

Healthy Hemp:

“At Healthy Hemp, we know you value a healthy lifestyle and prefer natural, ethically sourced ingredients. Our products are made from authentic industrial hemp and are the perfect embodiment of nature’s goodness. We are your prime and trusted source for top name hemp extract brands like CW Hemp and PlusCBD Oil. Healthy Hemp is the largest and most trusted distributor of Charlotte’s Web Oil whole-plant hemp extracts in the nation!”


“Support stiff, aging bodies or protect young, healthy joints with Connectin®. The only joint supplement clinically proven by independent researchers to help support comfort and mobility in an average of 15 days*, Connectin’s complete, patented formula nourishes the joint and its surrounding structures. Administering Connectin daily supplies the body with all three essential joint building blocks critical to healthy joint function plus a power-packed herbal blend for noticeable, lasting results.

Connectin Joint Supplement, U.S Patent Numbers 5,916,565; 6,344,220; 6,709,682. Product and Method for Joint Health in Mammals.”


“Doesn’t it just break your heart to see your pet slow down, struggle to get, have trouble climbing stairs, or simply going for a walk? Dogs or cats suffering from aches and discomfort tend to lose their happy personality, sleep more, withdraw from the family, become depressed, feel on edge, or even become aggressive. As they age, it’s increasingly important to support a dog’s joint mobility and flexibility with the best canine and feline joint supplement that you can find.”


“Since 2002, Grizzly Pet Products has focused on the development and manufacture of all-natural products for dogs, cats, and horses, all based out of our headquarters in Washington state, USA. Our products range from salmon oil and treats derived from wild Alaskan salmon, and limited-ingredient pet food, to hemp-enhanced supplements for dogs and cats. Whether your favorite pet is a cat, a dog, or a horse, we are passionate about educating all pet owners about the research-documented health benefits of fish-based omega-3 fatty acids from wild Alaskan salmon. Our goal is to continue to identify and manufacture superior products, and to make these products readily available to every pet owner.”